At the same

At the same Simply our parents, knowing that can do nothing the teacher, as well as the government, it is given from above try not to think of the one who spoils soul of their child in the public institution consecrated with public tradition.

Well, would come though have a talk, consulted, if not a salary though would increase mood.

At the same time would learn that the teacher of your child considers as the best, than is going to feed your child.

Oh, as depends on the first school teacher much!

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IMAGE of the BODY The INVOLUNTARY MOVEMENTS the movements which are not controlled by the person.

NISTAGM the oscillatory or jumping movements of eyeballs.

IMAGE of the BODY perception of parts of the body.

Plays a significant role in development of the movement and perception perception.

MODEL PATTERN of the MOVEMENT any movement, regardless of that, normal it or abnormal pathological, has own drawing muscles are reduced and relax, these or those parts of a body move definitely.

Most of people use similar models of the movements, for example we sit down from a prone position, leaning on a hand sideways.

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The child

The child The child has to be able: to sit without support, having put feet on a floor exactly; to have the full volume of movements in coxofemoral joints; to watch that it does, to be able to look after the movements of the hands; to keep balance at the movements by hands, that is to be able to raise hands up that thus feet did not come off a floor, and the trunk was not filled up back; to have sufficient stability of a humeral belt that is the humeral belt has to be sufficiently recorded that the thin movements by hands, such as data of hands on the average line of a body and the movement with crossing of the average line were possible; to take subjects a hand and to let out them, to carry out fingers the exact movements irrespective of, in what situation there is all hand, for example one hand to hold something, and at this time to move up another to itself or to remove some subject; to understand how correspond big and small openings on clothes to its own parts of a body, that is to distinguish small and big openings; to distinguish the concepts top and bottom, over and under, in front and behind, inside and outside, at the left and on the right; to tell or do attempt something to tell without there were involuntary movements in other parts of a body.

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In such situation

In such situation Thus the head of the child can lean on your forearm or a hip if you cross the legs or will put under a foot a low small bench so that the baby lay under an inclination the head and an upper body have to be higher, than a basin and feet.

In such situation it is easiest to control the movements of an upper body of the child and to achieve that he removed shoulders and hands forward, and at the same time to watch the provision of a basin and feet.

Gradually during game it is possible to enter turns and other movements as it is shown in fig.

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From communication

From communication Greek, years, Yonkers, New York.

From communication with children I understood that such reaction not a rarity.

Sometimes children react too roughly to the financial provision of a family therefore it was better when parents gave to children the chance to calm down a little and came back to conversation some hours later or even days.

It doing not wash some wine why I have to suffer?

Mother told that we have financial problems, and it is necessary for her that I cut down the expenses.

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